Fearless Fostering Retreat in Destin, FL!

Increase your peace, rid your body and mind of stress and anxiety, and learn evidence-based techniques to refresh your mind and body from a foster care informed therapist.  PLUS enjoy the comfort of your own luxury hotel room and the company of other amazing foster mamas just like you!

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May 31 - June 2 2024

Imagine a place where you're surrounded by those who understand, those who've walked in your shoes. Picture a haven where you can rest, rejuvenate, and  reconnect with what matters most...

Feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, alone?

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Held in the picturesque surroundings of Destin, Florida

This retreat is designed for you, the unsung heroes, the foster and adoptive mamas. Here, you'll find a supportive community, gain invaluable insights, and learn strategies to navigate the often challenging journey of foster and adoptive parenting. 

Welcome to the Fearless fostering retreat

From your own private room in a luxury hotel, to delicious meals, and engaging activities (not to mention plenty of down time for you!), everything is planned with your needs in mind. 

I've got you covered!

Concerned about the logitstics?

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There are no surprise costs in this all-inclusive getaway, and many payment plans are available to suit your needs!

Consider it an investment in you, in your family, and in your future.

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So take a leap of faith, embrace the opportunity, and register for the Fearless Fostering Retreat today.

Because you deserve it, because you're worth it. Don't just dream about it - make it your reality. 

Remember, it's not just about surviving, it's about thriving...

I'm Cathleen, your new (foster) mom friend.

I'm also a psychotherapist in private practice who wants to teach my fellow foster mamas the skills that ACTUALLY work to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm...'cause ain't nobody got time for that!

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