The Fearless Fostering group coaching program is now open!

A 6 month coaching experience for foster mamas who want to effectively manage the stress and uncertainty of fostering.

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Less than 10 spots left!

No matter where you are on your foster care journey, getting a little extra support can mean the difference between your family's surviving and their THRIVING.

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Learn how to deal with your underlying stress and anxiety so your loved ones don't have to.

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Foster care is a blessing - but it can also be scary at times. Utilizing both my experiences as a foster mama AND a psychotherapist, I provide resources that take the fear out of fostering.


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From quick, actionable tips to make your foster care journey easier, to interviews with foster and adoptive mamas, the Fearless Fostering podcast delivers education and encouragement weekly.


Fearless fostering

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“I have been feeling much more supported from the course and working with Cathleen.”



I'm Cathleen, your new (foster) mom friend.

I'm also a psychotherapist in private practice who wants to teach my fellow foster mamas the skills that ACTUALLY work to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm...'cause ain't nobody got time for that!

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How to Deal with the Unknowns of Foster Care

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5 emails, 5 days to reducing your anxiety! If you want to start reducing your anxious feels STAT, this is the course for you.  No need to let your fears take the joy out of your fostering journey!

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Fearless Fostering: A deeply connected 6 month coaching program for foster mamas

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Enrollment is open now thru June 30 for this NEW luxury retreat + community.  Apply today as less than 10 spots remain!

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Enrollment for my Fearless Fostering group coaching program is now open!

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A group of mom friends who GET it, and ongoing guidance from a therapist who does, too.