I'm a foster + adoptive + bio mama and a therapist in private practice.

I'm also the host of the Fearless Fostering Podcast, and I'm here to help foster mamas like you feel seen, heard, and supported on every step of your foster care journey. 

Hi, I'm Cathleen!

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My most popular podcast interview: self-regulation, mindfulness + bringing theology + therapy together

If you're feeling isolated, drained or burnt out, you're in the right place. 

As a foster care informed therapist, nothing lights me up more than the prospect of being able to support and encourage women, at any stage of their foster care journey.

 If more women felt connected and safe as foster parents, would more of them decide to foster?

 Would less children be waiting for a safe place to land?

I'm here to find out.

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Are you considering becoming a foster parent or already navigating the world of foster care? 

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