A Foolproof Plan to Manage Your Stress and Anxiety

When you feel stressed and anxious, the people you love the most are impacted the most.  Your people mean the world to you - your spouse, your kids, your besties.  When your relationships start to suffer from your emotional overwhelm, Fear Less comes to the rescue.

Fear Less Course + Community

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Anxiety activates the amygdala, creating the fight, flight or freeze response that causes so much of our discomfort. Once you learn the RIGHT interventions (the same ones therapists teach their clients!), you'll have exactly what you need to overcome YOUR stress and anxiety:

The strategies that work to overcome stress and anxiety are the same for everyone, regardless of your personal triggers.  The reason?  Anxiety affects everyone's brain the exact same way.

A structured plan that works.EVERY. Single. TIme.

real talk:

Why Fear Less is the BEST Way to Learn The Skills You Need to Manage your Stress + Anxiety...

Private therapy is time consuming - Fear Less delivers the same skills you'd learn in therapy on your own time (even if your PJs if you want!).

save time

Therapy is expensive - Fear Less provides the same skills but at a fraction of the cost of many months of therapy!

save money

Live classes and group coaching are offered by me monthly in our private Facebook community.

ongoing support

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"I'm afraid I'm going to ruin my kids..."

This thought used to run through my mind on the regular. I had two young kids, I was running a business, and trying to manage our home - I felt stretched waaay too thin.  

As a result, I frequently lost my temper with my kiddos (and husband!) and felt super guilty afterward.  Ultimately, I was worried that if I didn't change my ways, my relationships with the people I loved the most would be ruined.

i can help because i've been there


Here's What You Need

An effective plan to manage anxiety + stress

Fear Less teaches the EXACT skills from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and other modalities of treatment that are evidence-based, best practices for anxiety and stress relief

Ongoing support through all the ups and downs of foster care + Life

Whatever is stressing you out or causing you to worry, you'll feel 100% supported (and have the opportunity to get YOUR questions answered) in our private Facebook group

Community support 24/7

The most supportive and tight-knit group of ladies on FB are hanging out in the Fear Less group right now - we'd love for you to join us! 

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“Talking to Cathleen was amazing - she's extremely helpful!”

- amy

Replace your anxiety, stress, and overwhelm with peace and presence

How does this sound?

Fill your foster care experience with more clarity and less overwhelm.



the results you're going to get:

Create a foster care journey that grows you and your family closer together (not further apart!)


Kick that mom guilt and shame to the curb once and for all.


Double your determination that foster care IS for you, and yes, you CAN do this.


"I find I am so much better able to decide what I need to move through anxious times."

Anxiety is a part of life, there's no getting around it (especially in foster care!).  But when you can easily access the right coping skills, you take anxiety's power away.  It no longer rules your life, it's just something you notice and deal with and keep on truckin'.


took back her power

What my clients and students have to say...

"You get to have Cathleen there with you, giving you the support you need."

Rather than wasting time (and money!) trying every fad Google recommends to overcome anxiety, why not take it from a therapist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety?  Save time AND money by learning the skills at home, whenever it's best for your busy schedule. 


Learned to live in peace

"In a word, working with Cathleen is amazing. She has an endless supply of compassion and knowledge."

I provide a safe space for you to land, while you provide a safe space for kiddos.  It's as simple as that.  When you need someone to GET IT, someone to hold space for all your feels, and guide you to the actions that will bring more peace and joy to your foster care journey, it would be my honor to do just that for you.


felt seen + heard

“Cathleen has helped me through many situations with encouragement, reflection, and good questions. ”

ashlee Got the exact support she needed

When you talk to someone who really GETS what you're going through, foster care doesn't feel so lonely.  When you have a game plan to deal with all the tough stuff foster care can throw at you, you feel equipped to handle it all, come what may.  Most importantly, you find the strength to KEEP GOING in the ridiculously important ministry of foster care.

When You Enroll, You'll Get These Sweet Bonuses, Too!

private facebook community Where I provide ongoing support + Live Coaching ($297 value) 

Bonus class: eating well to reduce anxiety with REbekah Fedrowitz, mdn, holistic nutritionist ($197 value)

Bonus class: how to deal with your anxious feels - including guilt + shame ($197 value)

Not sure if Fear Less is right for you? Well, I'm giving you two whole weeks to find out!  If you reach out within 14 days of purchasing the course to let me know you're not seeing any improvement, I'll happily give you a full refund.  

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is that a yes?

“If you are still not sure, I say GO FOR IT. ASAP!"

- jen