"I didn't expect it to be as draining to show up as a parent to my kiddos and being a support to their families."

The Solutions for Foster Care Stress course teaches you the strategies you need to increase your joy and get real rest from the emotional burden of foster care.


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It's time to start addressing the symptoms of burnout we often experience as foster parents.

Yes, you CAN do hard things...but only if you take your mental health seriously as you do them.

Welcome to Solutions for Foster Care Stress aka exactly how to deal with your foster mama trauma.

Ready to feel joyful on this journeuy?

There are physical and mental consequences to living that way for an extended period of time.


Over time, your brain and body react the same way as someone with PTSD.


Guilt, anger, numbness, sadness, and helplessness are all symptoms of emotional trauma.


Poor concentration, perfectionism, rigid thinking, and becoming overly fixated are also common experiences.


Nothing about foster care is "normal," no matter how long you've been a foster parent...

In fact, a lot of the "day to day" of foster care keeps us in a state of hypervigilence and high stress/anxiety. Your brain and body then hold that as trauma.

“You need to add this course to your life toolbox...period!"

- Jen D.

My husband and I had just had the rug pulled out from under us at a case review meeting... my heart ached in a way that I had never felt before, and I remember my husband asking me, "are we sure we can handle this?"

Suddenly, I found myself leaning heavily on the skills I used in therapy with my clients to ease my own sense of overwhelm and anxiety.

6 weeks into our first foster care placement, I was sobbing my eyes out in a Starbucks.

Believe me, I know how it feels...

And then it hit me: If i felt that way, a loooot of other foster mamas probably did, too.

Solutions for Foster Care Stress

An online course that gives foster mamas an actionable plan for every hard day of foster care

Here's what you'll get...

guidance, encouragement, and actionable steps to reduce your stress and anxiety 

More peace and joy are available to you once you have a plan that really works to cope with prolonged periods of stress.

Solutions for Foster Care Stress gives you the exact guidance and encouragement you need for every hard day of your foster care journey.

tips + techniques you can turn to time and again

With immediate and lifetime access to the course, you'll never have to wonder "what should l do?" when foster care throws you a curveball.

You'll know exactly how to process your emotions and increase your peace every. single. time.

Think you don't have time for this?

Think again!  The course is pre-recorded so you can squeeze it in whenver is best for you.

The course itself is designed to give you exactly what you need on any day of your foster care journey.  Court coming up?  There's a plan for that!  Visit day stressing you out?  Simply click the "visit day" module and you'll get a brief video of what you might need to hear that day, a suggested act of self-care, and a brief stillness practice that will best regulate you.

 It's THAT simple!

Created by a foster care informed therapist

Learning these skills from a foster care informed therapist matters!  There is nuance to foster care and foster mama trauma that most therapists won't fully understand (or be able to treat).  

Solutions for Foster Care Stress combines my experience as a clinical psychotherapist AND my experience as a foster mama to ensure you're getting exactly what you need.

Replace your anxiety and stress with peace and presence.

How does this sound?

Fill your foster care experience with more joy and less overwhelm.



the results you're going to get:

Connect to your foster children on a deeper level.


Feel completely rested and refreshed after learning how to reset your nervous system.


The confidence to keep showing up for the kids in your care as you start showing up for YOU.


You'll get immediate and lifetime access to the course so you can get started whenever is best for you!

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Select a topic or specific day for the plan that would serve you best.  Plan to spend about 15-20 minutes engaging with the materials per topic.

Do the darn thing!

As you begin to process your feelings and apply the skills, you will feel much more joyful, rested, and confident - WAHOO!

Notice your joy and peace increase

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How it Works

Let's get you feeling better on this journey...


Foster care has brought my family incredible joy, as well as incredible opportunities for growth.  Sometimes, that growth can be painful.  In seasons when it feels like you're fighting an uphill battle, or that no one else in your life really "gets it," or well-intentioned loved ones say the wrong thing, you just yearn for a different type of support.  You deserve it.  And frankly, you need it. 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need a little guidance and support at times.  In other words, you just want someone to tell you what works.

this is the course for you.

Bonus!  Enroll today + receive a $100 credit for a retreat or session with me!

My hope is to support you through this course AND in any other way that would serve you!  Enroll now and you'll automatically receive a $100 off credit for future use on a retreat or session (that NEVER expires!).

Let's do this!


$100 Fearless Fostering credit

If you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by any aspect of fostering, Solutions for Foster Care Stress is exactly what you've been looking for.

“As I work through the course, I find I am so much better able to decide what I need to move through anxious times.

- Christine H.

Hi there!  I'm Cathleen, your new foster mama bestie!

MOre about me

Nothing lights me up more than the prospect of being able to support and encourage women, at any stage of their foster care journey. If more women felt connected and safe as foster parents, would more of them decide to foster? Would less children be waiting for a safe place to land? I'm here to find out.

My superpower is helping foster mamas become the best version of themselves while pursuing the best foster care experience possible...one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace.

But it wasn't always this way...

It wasn't too far into my foster care journey (literally days) that I found myself longing for someone who "got it;" someone who had been where we were. I also found myself leaning heavily on the skills I used in therapy with my clients to ease my own sense of overwhelm and anxiety.

Once I started practicing what I was preaching to my therapy clients, the game was changed.  I obviously still had curve balls thrown at me (left and right), but I was able to stay present and connected to my kids.  I was able to process through my emotions so they didn't threaten my peace and joy for the long haul.  I had a plan to take care of ME so I could take care of my people.

That plan, those practices??  They enabled our family to keep going on our foster care journey, and truthfully, they allowed us to say "yes" to the huge surprise of our daughter joining our family at two days old in April of 2020. 

You don't have to be a therapist to put these practices in place in your own life and reap the same amazing benefits.

Solutions for Foster Care Stress is the ONLY course for foster mamas taught by a foster care informed therapist

In this course, I share my top tips from hundreds of hours of 1:1 sessions with foster mamas

You'll get the exact guidance you need from a licensed clinical social worker who has actually BEEN in the trenches of foster care and adoption.  Advice from someone who GETS IT just hits different, ya know?!

This course is your one-stop shop for foster mama coping skills

Case plans change, visit days get rescheduled on a dime, court dates get continued - the stressors go on and on!  Once you enroll in this course, you'll have a proven plan to process your emotions (instead of holding them in your body) and ENJOY this one, beautiful life you were given!

You don't need to scour Google for hours, trying to piece together a plan to make the burden of foster care feel lighter...Solutions for Foster Care Stress delivers it right to you.

fits into any busy schedule

PErfect for any learning style

Evidence-based techniques

Support you can rely on

Solutions for Foster Care Stress includes everything you need to deal with your foster mama trauma once and for all.

Your foster care journey (and life) will be MUCH more doable (and enjoyable) once you put this course into practice!

You have nothing to lose except your anxiety and overwhelm. 

If you want this to be the year you finally commit to:

Processing through your complex foster care feelings

Prioritzing your mental health as you foster

Pursuing joy on your foster care journey

Practicing regular self-care

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Try the course for 14 days.  Get your money back if it didn't serve you.

I wholeheartedly believe Solutions for Foster Care Stress is exactly what you need to heal from your foster mama trauma and keep showing up for the kids in your care. If you feel differently after using the course and applying the skills for two weeks, I'll give you you a full refund!

Let's do this thing!!!

So what are you waiting for?

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Years i have practiced clinical social work

Years of foster care experience 

Epiosdes of the fearless fostering podcast...and counting!





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